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General Ophthalmology


General Ophthalmology is a term that encompasses a wide variety of problems affecting the eye and vision whether it be pain, red eye, blurred vision or visual disturbance.  Ahmad Aziz is a Consultant Ophthalmologist who is on the specialist register of the General Medical Council in the UK who is experienced in managing all aspects of General Ophthalmology.


Through a holistic approach to medicine, Ahmad Aziz views each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. I manage general eye conditions from dry eye, itching, blepharitis, lumps and bumps around the eye and blurred vision.  Conveniently situated in Central London with excellent transport links we easily accessible to get your eye problem seen to and treated.

Red Eyes

Red eye is a very common eye condition that concerns people. It can be a sign of inflammation or infection. Inflammation of many parts of the eye and its surrounding structures, including the lacrimal glands and eyelids, or an unstable tear film with dry eye can lead to red eye.

Eye Pain

Many different problems can cause eye pain. This ranges from an infection or inflammation of the eye or its surrounding structures or even a scratch to the eye or a particle or foreign body on the eye surface. The treatment is dependant on the cause of the eye pain and different treatment options are available.

Visual disturbance

Visual disturbances include a range of symptoms including bright flashes of light seen in the eye or shadows or veils in the vision and floaters. These can be annoying and are generally seen urgently within 24 hours to make sure that a more serious eye problem is not present. Although the vast majority of cases do not have a serious condition it is important to be seen quickly just to make sure.

Loss of vision


Loss of vision can be momentary, last for a small period of time or be persistent, and can occur all of a sudden or gradually. The treatment depends on a thorough consultation and examination to determine the cause. Treatment options are available depending on the diagnosis and cause of the visual loss.

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