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Brow Lift in London

browpexy browlift

What is a brow lift?


A brow lift, endoscopic brow lift or scarless brow lift and forehead lift are forms of surgery to raise them to give a more youthful appearance. Brow lift surgery can be performed by an plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon. An oculoplastic surgeon is specialised in the area around the eyes.


What does a brow lift do?


It is a surgical procedure that is a form of cosmetic surgery to lift the brows and potentially reduce the frown lines. It is a cosmetic procedure to give the brows a more youthful position. It differs from eyelid surgery like blepharoplasty which removed the excess skin of the eyelid. Here as the forehead is lifted the excess skin appears reduced as the space between the eyelid and the browhair increases. It is a form of upper face rejuvenation with aesthetic plastic surgery.

These main brow lift techniques are discussed here:

1. Direct brow lift

A direct brow lift is when an incision usually hidden within one of the horizontal forehead lines is used to provide the lift. An area of forehead skin and underlying tissues is removed from above the eye brow to lift it and the incision is then sutured back together. Depending on where the incision is made this can leave a scar either just above the browhair, or in a forehead skin crease. A mini version of this is the lateral direct browpexy where a small incision is made in the outer brow and the outer aspect is lifted with stitches.

2. Trans-eyelid browpexy

A browpexy is usually done at the same time as an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. If the patient also has excess upper eyelid skin that needs removing, the browpexy can be done through the same upper eyelid skin crease incision. Sitiches are used to securing it higher up to the deeper tissues and do not show through the skin. This is useful if only a small lift is required.

3. Endoscopic brow lift

An endoscopic brow lift uses small incisions are hidden within the hairline. This may also be known as an endoscopic forehead lift. A tunnel under the skin of the forehead is made from the incisions to the brow freeing it from the tissues holding it down. Sutures or fixation plates are then used to lift to give an endoscopic lift. This endoscopic procedure requires general anaesthesia you being asleep.

4. Temporal brow lift

A temporal brow lift is useful if only the outer part of the brow area needs lifting. The scar is hidden in the hairline just above the ear and a tunnel under the skin is performed to release the outer area with is then lifted with sutures. It is still considered a less invasive form of browlift surgery. It does not correct any droop of the brow on the inner aspect of the eye above the nose.

5. Coronal brow lift

A coronal brow lift is a forehead lift and brow lift procedure in one. An incision is made across the hairline and the forehead and brows are all lifted. This is done under general anaesthesia. This eyebrow lift combines with forehead lift surgery is effective but can lead to numbness of the scalp, the scar being visible in those who do not scar well and it is not suitable for those that have a receding or irregular hairline.


The procedure best for your can be discussed with Mr Ahmad Aziz at his London clinic at the initial consultation. Th procedure depends on the persons preference, aesthetic goals and facial features as to what is most suitable. You would also have the choice of surgical facility as to where you would like your surgery done.


Can you have a brow lift under local anaesthesia?


A browpexy is routinely done under local anaesthesia. A limited temporal brow lift has been reported to have been done under local anaesthesia. For the best outcome however, general anaesthesia is recommended to achieve the best results.

How long does a brow lift last?


How long your brow lift will last depends on the approach taken and how you naturally age. In general an endoscopic lift can last for 5-7 years and a direct or coronal brow lift can last for 10 years. This does vary from person to person and more commonly people are aware that a neck lift may not last forever.


Is a brow lift permanent?


The effects of the surgery are permanent following a brow lift. Surgery does not stop the ageing process though and your skin will continue to age with time resulting in the brow descent.

Can a brow lift fix hooded eyes?


If the hooded eyes are a result of sagging brows this will be corrected with brow lift surgery. People may look like they have had an eyelid lift after brow surgery. It helps rejuvenate the upper face and address some of the forehead wrinkles that create horizontal lines in the upper face.


How painful is a brow lift?


A brow lift is usually not painful during the surgery. A browpexy done under local anaesthetic is also painless although you may feel a stinging sensation for 20 seconds as the anaesthetic is applied. You may have some bruising and swelling around the brows following the surgery which can feel sore for a week until it starts to settle. With the endoscopic technique there can be bruising higher up on the forehead which will also settle. You may feel some tightness to the forehead following the procedure.


How long is the recovery from bow lift surgery?


The bruising and swelling can last for around 2 weeks when many people can get back to normal activity. It is debated whether an endoscopic lift has a shorter recovery time. The healing process does vary from person to person and some people may take less or more time to recover. The full effect of the surgery can take 2 months to show. Patients experience a quicker recovery if they:

  • Follow the surgeon instructions

  • Use ice packs regularly

  • Sleep on 2-3 pillows to allow the swelling to settle

  • Avoid smoking

  • Use sunscreen to the wounds


What age should you get a brow lift?


Around the age of 40-65 is when most people get a brow lift when the brows start to sag. Some pope who have genetically low brows have the surgery at a younger age to correct them.


What is the difference between a brow lift and a forehead lift?

The difference between a brow lift and forehead lift is where the excess skin is removed. Strictly speaking a forehead lift is where the upper forehead skin is operated which helps lift the brows. A brow lift is were the forehead skin above the brow is operated on to lift the brows. As both procedure achieve a similar effect the terms are often used interchangeably.

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