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GMC 6129353

To book an appointment with your ophthalmologist please contact me at:



Private Secretary

0207 965 7484

NHS Secretary

0203 3129 768

On a Video Call

Telemedicine call for pre-booked video consultations only. Please use Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer not supported.

Consulting Locations:

King Edward VII's Hospital

5-10 Beaumont Street



Western Eye Hospital

Fourth Floor Private Patients

153-173 Marylebone Road



The Harley Street Eye Centre

22A Harley Street



London Oculoplastic Consultant and Eye Surgeon

Mr Ahmad Aziz is an Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon. He had specialist training at Moorfields Eye Hospital and Imperial and is now a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in the United Kingdom. He is a member of the Oculoplastic service at Imperial working at the Western Eye Hospital in London, Charing Cross Hospital and St Mary's Hospital.


At Imperial, he manages orbital tumours as well as conditions affecting the eye socket and is part of the Facial Reconstruction Service, the Thyroid Eye Disease Service, the Pituitary, Skull Base and Head and Neck MDT's. He is an eye surgeon who is a member of the British Oculoplastic Surgery Society and has presented his work at international conferences.

As an ophthalmic surgeon is he able to perform eye surgery and manage and treat watery eye and assess the tear duct and lacrimal system. Blockage of this system may require a surgical procedure which can be performed without a scar in many cases.

Ptosis surgery and brow lift are used in the treatment of droopy eyelid. Although it may be perceived as cosmetic surgery it may be covered by your private insurance if it blocks your vision. A visual field test can be done to confirm this and these procedures which would otherwise be deemed as aesthetic procedures may be entirely covered.


Upper lid blepharoplasty may also be covered by your insurance if it is blocking you vision. Lower-lid blepharoplasty is deemed to be well in the field of aesthetic medicine and most insurers will not cover this.


Sun damage to the skin can lead to tumours of the upper eyelid and periocular area. Mr Ahmad Aziz specialises in post MOH's surgery reconstruction of this area working closely with dermatologists to ensure that just the tumour is removed and as much of the skin and surround structures remain on the face.

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