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Fillers for men? We look at the growing trend and the top 3 areas to treat

Attractiveness is a concept associated with symmetry, harmony of the facial features and overall harmony. An attractive male face gives a sense of power. The differences between the sexes is known as sexual dimorphism. The approach to aesthetics in a male face is therefore different to that of a female.

At birth the male and female faces are similar. At puberty the increase in testosterone results in development of the male features which result in significant differences to that of a female.

These include:

  • A deeper ridge above the eye showing more deeper set eyes

  • A flatter eyebrow

  • Eyes that are slightly narrower

  • Heavier eyelids

  • A lower set eyelid skin crease

  • Lower crows feet

  • A slightly longer or wider nose

  • Slightly thinner upper lip

  • Flatter and wider cheeks

  • A square and larger jaw

  • A broader and more prominent chin

Dermal filler injections are used to smooth wrinkles, fill deep lines and rejuvenate skin. Men are increasingly looking for such treatments to be used not only to rejuvenate but to provide a more chiseled appearance with defined cheeks, jaw and chin. As a result the use of filler in men and the techniques to inject differ to those used in women.

As we age the cheek fat starts to sink and wrinkles develop giving a tired look. Dermal fillers can be used to give th appearance of a stronger bone structure with more defined look. This can not only give a more youthful appearance but can be used to enhance the male features of the face.

Top three areas of the male face to treat with dermal fillers

Angle of jaw

The male jawline is well-defined and wider due to the larger muscle for chewing known as the master. This gives a squarer appearance to the face. As men age the angle of the jaw can appear more blunt due to the thinning of the temporal-buccal fat pad. This treatment of this area will project the jaw laterally and strengthen the jawline, resulting in a square jaw which is desirable in a man. It is important to choose an injector how is aware of the anatomy to avoid the parted gland and ducts which are important structures in the face.


The outer border of the chin should correlate with the outer border of the mouth. The chin have be injected to make it appear broader with fillers. The anterior projection of the chin can also be filled this helps to tighten the skin and make the jawline more defined. The outer borders of the chin may also be treated to give a squarer looking chin. This helps to define the jawline even more.


Volumising the cheek in men is often an area that may result in a more feminine look in the wrong hands. Men have flatter cheeks compared to women and more angulated. A fullest part of the cheek in men tends to be lower than in women and more subtle. Men tend to have filler used to the cheek area for a more squared face. As a result it is used lower down on the cheek bone than in women. Women tend to prefer having higher looking cheek bones and have filler applied in a higher position to give this appearance. Filler applied to the lower part of the cheek bone gives a more stronger looking bone structure and a more masculine appearance. Filling the inner cheek is done in a more subtle way to not give too much projection whilst giving support to the tear trough and the palpebral molar groove which is a line that runs below it.


More and more men are considering facial fillers to enhance their appearance. The aim of treatment to to give restoration as well as enhancement of the facial features. Whilst restoration is to treat a facial area that has changed due to the effects of ageing, enhancement is to improve a facial feature and make it more attractive.

By knowing the effects of ageing in the male face, the concepts of attractiveness and the differences due to sexual dimorphism one is able to use filler to restore and rejuvenate as well as enhance the masculine face.

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