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How to have an Almond Eye or Fox Eye without surgery

People with a classic almond eye (which is also known as doe eyes) have a natural upward lift to the outer corner of their eye. The lift of the lower eyelid makes it appear longer than the upper eyelid and also allows the eye to look larger, more shaped and more open.

What treatment does this look entail?

To achieve this look botulinum toxin is injected into the orbicularis oculi muscle to create a widening of the eye which gives a more oval or almond shape to the lower eyelid. The tail of the outer eye will also go upwards following this treatment. This allows the frontalis muscle to lift the outer brow giving a subtle upturned look. In addition to the botulinum toxin injection, dermal filler can be injected in the area around the eye to provide support and strength to the skin below the outer eyelid resulting in a fresh, less tired look with greater uplift of the lower eyelid.

How many treatments are required to achieve an almond eye look?

Two to three sessions may be required. And small incremental changes are more desirable when treating the delicate eye area. Once the desired effect is achieved maintenance can be done once a year.

Can the procedure be done on men and women?

A procedure can be done on women and also on men. Fortunately it can be performed on all skin types.

What does the fox eye look like?

The Fox eye are designed to lift the outer corners of your eye and pull them outwards and upwards. This changes the shape of the eye to give a foxier appearance which can appear more youthful. The treatment is a modern technique and uses threads to lift and elongate the eye to create the more element shape whilst also lifting the brow tail to create a more feminine effect with a more open upper eyelid. The result is the look of the Fox eye.

What treatment is needed to achieve it?

PDO threads are a non surgical technique with a short recovery period and very little downtime. The area of the skin is numbed with a local anaesthetic and the threads are placed underneath the skin. These threads are tightened so then left and strengthen the outer eye area. The procedure will also help in minimising any frown or smile lines. A brow lift with dermal fillers can also help brace the brow by tightening the skin around the eye. Whilst most eyebrows have a natural arch. The stable filler brow lift raises the outer corner to naturally lift your eye

How many treatments are required for the fox eye?

As many treatment modalities are incorporated, one can expect approximately three to five treatments to fix the to achieve the fox look depending on how much needs to be done to achieve the initial results.

What are the common risks involved after having the procedure?

A patient can expect some mild bruising or swelling for a week or two

Can the procedure be performed on men and women of all skin types?

Anyone who wants some more lifted brow including men are a good candidate for this treatment.

What is the cat eye look?

The cat eye can be achieved in two ways with either a non surgical eyelift with threads or by surgery. The cateye is performed with a canthoplasty which is a cosmetic procedure to tighten and lengthen the eye opening by using surgery one can often have a dramatic cat eye look. The non surgical option is you done with PDO threads and is more subtle, but can achieve very good results.

What are the risks of the procedure?

After having a non surgical cat eye a patient can expect some mild bruising, swelling, and some aching for a week or two.

How many treatments are required?

Generally with surgery and with threads, one procedure is required however, the thread lift may require maintenance every year.

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